Work to start on houses that have been vacant for 20 years – Wexford People, June 8 2016

Work is soon to begin on two houses in Bride Street that have been left vacant for almost 20 years.

The issue of the derelict houses has been brought up at council meetings on many occasions by Cllr Davy Hynes, who said that they were an eyesore and a magnet for anti-social behaviour. In recent years, councillors were told that Wexford Borough Council was unable to take action due to legal difficulties.

Speaking on Monday, Cllr Hynes said that he understands that one of the houses is now in the possession of the council and that the other one will soon be in their hands.

‘Hopefully something will be done with them by the end of the year,’ he said. ‘I have been going on about them since I was elected and that is 19 years ago.’

Despite movement on the houses in Bride Street, the issue of derelict houses still remains elsewhere in the town. According to Cllr Hynes, four houses in Peter Street have been left vacant for ‘quite some time’.

‘This is a time when we need to be taking over vacant houses. I know there’s a lot of money involved but we have to do something. Some of them won’t have to be demolished, they just need some work done to them,’ he said. ‘With housing being a priority, we need to look at our options. Anything is better than what we have.’

Commenting on the houses in Peter Street, Cllr Hynes said they are bringing down the overall appearance of the area.

‘They take the look off the town. They have been left there and nothing is happening. The council need to be more vigilant about going after people who leave houses in this way.’

Cllr Hynes said he hopes to raise the issue of these houses at an upcoming council meeting.

(First published in the Wexford People newspaper: print edition. Also available online at:


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