Rosslare jellyfish influx leads to red flag during sunny spell – Gorey Guardian, September 3 2016

Sunbathers in need of some cool relief during this warm spell are unable to take a dip at Rosslare Strand as reports of Lion’s Mane Jellyfish forced lifeguards to raise the red flag.

The red flag has been flying at Rosslare Strand since Thursday August 25 due to a large increase in jellyfish numbers. Water Safety Development Officer with Wexford County Council Tom Doyle said that Rosslare Strand is receiving a much larger amount of the creatures compared to beaches elsewhere in Wexford.

‘This is new for us. We have never experienced this quantity of jellyfish in Rosslare before,’ he explained. ‘They are quite unusual on Wexford beaches. It is more common to find a type that just gives a mild sting.’

According to Mr Doyle, bathers are being warned to stay out of the water in Rosslare for the foreseeable future. He also said that the lifeguards have received basic first aid to treat anybody who has been stung.

This summer, only several incidents of stings in Rosslare Strand have been reported.

Earlier this summer, warnings about the jellyfish were issued by Irish Water Safety following reports that they had been spotted in waters around the country. The creature delivers a painful sting which has been known to cause anaphylactic shock in certain people.

Irish Water Safety advise those who have been stung to go to their lifeguard when possible. To treat the sting, it is advisable to rub the affected area with sea water and seek medical attention if the pain persists.

(First published in the Gorey Guardian newspaper: print edition. Also available online at:


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