Gardai investigate attempted shooting – Bray People, April 23 2016

Garda investigations are continuing into a botched shooting in Bray on Friday April 8.

Members of the Regional Support Unit (RSU) have been conducting a number of raids in the town since the incident occurred in Oldcourt estate. Last Tuesday, April 12, eight Garda cars arrived at Novara Road to carry out searches in relation to the incident. A number of properties have also been searched in the north Wicklow area as part of the investigation.

Garda Declan Lynch confirmed reports that a gunman attempted to fire a number of shots at a male victim on Friday morning. However, it is believed that the weapon that he was using jammed.

‘This is the story that we had. We believe there was a struggle then,’ he said.

According to Garda Lynch, the incident occurred at approximately 7.20 a.m. when there were very few people in the area.

‘We are treating it as a very serious matter,’ he said. ‘Because of the nature of the crime and the fact that it involved a firearm, we are not taking any chances. We have plenty of resources for this.’

Some reports have linked the recent shooting attempt to a convicted rapist who is a chief suspect in a murder attempt in November 2014.

However, when asked whether they were linking this suspect with the recent incident, Garda Lynch said that he is ‘not inclined to comment’.

‘We are not inclined to comment on that aspect as it has nothing to do with the incident. We are following a line of inquiry and anybody close to that would be suspicious,’ he said.

‘We are interested on hearing from anyone who has been in the area or knows anything about the incident.’

Garda Lynch said that people in the area were ‘shocked’ to hear about the incident.

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